Flood Insurance Prices High in Brooke County, Officials Upset
News from WTRF:

Brooke County officials are upset with the high cost of flood insurance. Officials want FEMA to reassess the flood plain map in Wellsburg in the hopes of getting high insurance costs down.

Commissioner Tim Ennis said FEMA’s flood plain map is not up-to-date, and have put areas of Wellsburg in the 100 year flood plain that should not be there.

“The people who want to invest in Wellsburg are afraid to invest in Wellsburg because of these flood plain maps and the regulations that FEMA has thrown on people,” said Ennis.

Ennis added that not only is this putting a burden on tax payers in Wellsburg, the high flood insurance cost puts a burden on people who want move to Wellsburg.

During the commission meeting, Ennis noted that the increase in flood insurance is greatly affecting the housing market because no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars a month on flood insurance.

Delegate Ryan Weld agreed. He has seen flood insurance policies increase by 56% just on his street alone.

Now, he’s working with Congressman David McKinley in hopes of addressing these issues.

“I encourage anybody who has an issue and has seen skyrocketing in…………… continues on WTRF

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